Thursday, January 7, 2010

Common Grounds?

While the humanity is suffering due to various conflicts in different parts of the world, parallel efforts are also underway to find 'common grounds' among confronting civilizations and communities. And while the idea of jumping on the bandwagon of conflict resolution has become quite popular, I am afraid this newfound love is not as much deep in hearts as widespread it is. I hold this not-much-optimistic opinion for certain reasons, most important of which I put here.

Foremost of all is the approach that is being employed while finding resolutions for the conflicts. Without paying due (and inevitable) attention to the roots of the conflicts, I fear, these efforts are just aimed at creating an impression that 'things are moving in the right direction. These efforts may or may not result in halting the ongoing conflicts temporarily or 'bringing down the temperatures' but are not likely to end the conflicts and find the real common grounds among the conflicting parties. These efforts, putting this debate concisely, suffer from being subjective instead of being objective.

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  1. hmmm...that's our dilemma in every field perhaps